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Remember when you were a kid? Back when you would mark your height with a pencil on the wall. Back when pants kept over a year became high waters, and wearing them in public caused humiliation. Well world, such fashion is becoming more and more desirable due to a European fashion wave that hit the US soccer scene a couple years ago. ¾ pants are a pant/short hybrid that offer the breatheability of shorts with the comfort of soccer pants. Lets take a closer look at these Real Madrid ¾ Pants.

Style: Black with gold trim make these pants attract my highly trained eyes. As visually appealing as they are, the way they look on someone still looks a bit foreign to me, but I can understand where they would come in handy while warming up for a soccer game. I’m not so sure I would wear these out to a nice dinner with the family, but moseying around the house in these is ideal. Real Madrid logo sits on the right thigh, while the adidas logo sits on the left. Professional players can be seen wearing pants like these all the time, and it’s only a matter of time before they are seen among all youth soccer players.

Functionality: As much as I’d love to knock these pants, they do serve their purpose quite well. Wearing full length pants to warm up in before a soccer game can pose a problem if too long. The end of the pants can get caught under your cleats, often ripping holes in the bottom from my experience. The ¾ pants allow you to harness the mobility of shorts, while keeping you warm as if you had full-length pants on. Ventilated mesh near the inseam and under the waist will keep you cool and dry when wearing them during the summer. The ¾ pants do serve a purpose, and while not completely necessary, they will give you a unique choice to wear if needed.

Fit: I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but these pants are very comfortable. I could definitely see myself getting a pair. As far as sizing goes, I went with my normal pant size and it fit perfectly fine. I’m 5’8 and a medium reaches down to the middle of my shin just to give a perspective on length. The leg openings are pretty large and should prevent them from being tight around the calves of most (insuring they don’t look like a pair of girls capris). Expect these to fit like a pair of soccer style sweatpants.

The adidas Real Madrid ¾ Pants are marked at $50.00, and to those who take the chance, I think they will be happy with their purchase. Even if just to warm up in before games, these will be worth the investment.

Written by: Mason, writer at soccerprose.com


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