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Protecting yourself on the field is one of the most forgotten aspects of the beautiful game. Many players nowadays have trended toward wearing minimalist shin guards that frankly protect only a small portion of the player’s leg and leave the player susceptible to catastrophic injury. Really, the most important thing is getting a full coverage guard that’s highly protective. Enter the new Adidas shin guard, the Predator Pro Moldable Shin Guard in Black.

The huge highlight feature of this guard is the fact that it is completely customizable to fit your leg, thanks to some awesome moldable technology. Straight out of the box, the guard is virtually useless until you go through the one-time molding process, which a player can fit to exact measurements over their leg. This ultra customizable guard creates the ultimate in comfortable and fit because of this awesome moldable shin guard. Some may be skeptical at this technology; I know I sure was the first time I tried a moldable guard. However, I’ve never tried on a non-moldable guard since my first moldable guard. I highly recommend this technology, even if you don’t particularly end up enjoying the Predator Pro. Besides being moldable, the product has some other great features to increase comfort, reliability, and protection.

Soft synthetic lining is embedded on the inside of the guard so that custom fit is made even more comfortable for your tired legs. Compression sleeves also come bundled with the package and they are great. They are quite breathable, lightweight, and easy to slip on and off. Plus, they are not very constricting like many other compression sleeves out on the market to hold your guards up during a training session or intense match. Did I mention the best part yet? The Predator Pro shin guard is approved by NOCSAE. What’s that mean for you? You’ll get to play in guards approved by an agency specializing in protecting athletes from all sorts of sports, which approves only the best of products. That’s quality right there. If that’s not good enough for you, the TPR soft shield in front is extremely durable and provides maximum protection. Through testing, not even a Nigel de Jong karate kick to the leg could break my leg, even with all his effort to do so.

The Predator Pro is a highly customizable guard that is affordable to the everyday soccer player but high quality enough that professionals wear this product. It’s a great NOCSAE-approved value that is extremely comfortable and will hold up for a long time. Great guard.

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  1. So glad to see adidas bring the moldable guard back into their product line. I’ve been playing with an old (20+ years) pair of the white OSI guards that adidas used to offer, and I’ve been searching for a replacement with the same fit and feel. That search had gone in vain until now.

  2. Glad to hear you found a shin guard you can finally replace your old pair with. You won’t be disappointed : )