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The MLS season is fast approaching (hip hip hooray!) so Adidas has decided to release a collection of team soccer balls that are honestly pretty sweet looking. I got my hands on the Adidas New York Red Bull Tropheo ball and I’m pretty impressed.

For one, Adidas has coined the each ball as a “Match Ball Replica”, signifying that the ball is based off the same great features of the ball the professionals actually use in the MLS. The Red Bull soccer ball is no different. The ball is based off of the infamous Jabulani ball (love it or hate it, your choice), which is famous for its unpredictable trajectories. Through testing, I never found that the ball swerved or wobbled in mid-air like the original Word Cup ball. I was pleasantly surprised about this and enjoyed the fact that I could tell where the ball was going to land after lobbing up the ball for set pieces. That being said, the ball is high quality and has some notable features I’d like to highlight.

For one, the ball has a butyl bladder which helps the ball keep air so you don’t have to constantly pump air into it. Thumbs up to that feature. The ball also has a nylon wound carcass which helps the ball retain its soft touch. TPU construction also helps the ball maintain high durability standards set by Adidas, so the ball should last you a long time. During rigorous testing, I found no signs of wear or tear, even when kicking the ball around a warehouse at high velocities. All these features are great, but when I’m looking for a good soccer ball, I want it to not only perform to the highest standards but also look sexy. The Red Bull ball has that covered too, luckily.

The energy drink-sponsored club has borrowed some styling from the original Jabulani and put its own spin on it. 2 Red Bull logos, coupled with that famous Adidas logo, are prominently dispalyed on the ball and look quite professional flush against the main white coloring of the ball. The reds and yellows accent and pop against the white ball well and bring the product up to modern styling, something I’m a big fan of. Gray accent lines also make the logos and other emblems on the ball pop more. Overall, aesthetically pleasing, to say the least.

Overall, a terrific value ball. Adidas has made a sexy looking ball with high quality materials at a price nearly any fan of the MLS franchise should get their hands on.


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