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Good afternoon, folks, friends, and neighbors! Today’s agenda takes us on a magical tour on and around the land known as “The adidas Liverpool Jersey Tee.” While on this tour, you may often think to yourself, “This looks like the land of licensed soccer jerseys!” I assure you, dear readers, we are indeed going to view a cotton t-shirt, made to look like the jersey yet built to wear in just about any situation.

Hyperbole aside, I honestly do think this is a great tee shirt that will be useful for the casual fan that doesn’t want to shell out the money for a jersey, or even the devoted fan who simply can’t shell out the money/wants a shirt to wear without worrying about it getting dirty. As I said, this tee shirt obviously looks a lot like the Liverpool Home jersey if the jersey were stripped to its basic parts. The shirt is 98% red, like the jersey, but it lacks the shoulder elements of the 3-stripes as well as the trim going down the armpits and the abdomen. What the shirt does have, though, is the adidas logo on the right chest, the Liverpool crest on the left and the Standard Chartered logo below the two. Like I said, the shirt has been stripped down to its basic visual components, but don’t let that be a slight against the shirt. It’s still a solid casual shirt.

Because it’s made of 100% cotton, the shirt is soft and will only get softer with washing/drying. Be careful about the shrinking, though. The fit on it is a little bigger than usual; I fit a size medium normally, but I could probably get away with a small. In any case, make sure you try a couple sizes on to see what suits you best personally. This will be one of those shirts you wear all day long at least once or twice a week. It’s great for, say, going to a barbecue or playing a pickup game. Yeah, you might sweat in it or get a little ketchup on it, but that’s nothing to worry about because the wash will take care of it. Ketchup spilling on your authentic jersey, on the other hand, is a bit more of an issue. Overall, this is just the kind of shirt you’ll wear until it starts coming apart, at which point you’ll continue to wear it because it’s become so comfortable. Plus, the text and crests will fade over time, lending themselves to that “worn out” kind of look, which of course you’ll wear as a badge of pride.

For $17.99, this shirt is a really good deal. It’s thin enough to allow air flow, but it’s also thick enough to hold up after many, many washes. Once you get it broken in, it’ll be one of your go-to shirts throughout the week, and it may even be that shirt you dig around to find in the mass of clothes on the floor. Then again, I suppose all of us don’t live alone, but the sentiment is there—you’ll love the shirt.

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com


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