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I never thought I’d see the day; a pair of shin-guards over $100. As the game has gotten faster and more physical with each passing year in the major professional leagues, the need for protection is at an all time high. An ultra-premium shinguard segment has finally been developed by Adidas. Welcome to the new Adidas F50 Carbon Shinguard.

When first getting the F50 Carbon shinguards, I opened up some extremely interesting packaging that replicates the shape of the shinguard. The packaging acts as a hard storage case for your shinguards and adds to the functionality of the product a bit, even if it all is a bit silly looking. At any rate, I unzipped the packaging to find some super ultra-lightweight shinguards. On average, these bad boys weight approximately 30% lighter than other shinguards on the market. In a day and age when lightweight products are at a premium, Adidas has gone the correct route in developing an ultra-lightweight product. Besides being lightweight, the soccer shinguard is made of carbon fiber, a super durable and hard material now commonly used as a chassis on premium lightweight soccer cleats out there. The results are impeccable; I felt like someone couldn’t put a bullet through this shinguard. The quality is also ensured by being approved by NOCSAE. What does that mean exactly? Essentially, NOCSAE is a company that is primarily concerned with Athletic safety equipment approval to prevent major injuries across a wide breadth of sports, including soccer. Bottom line: they don’t just give out the NOCSAE approved seal to just any shinguard, so the Carbon Shinguard by Adidas joins an elite class of shinguards.

The shinguards also come with some slick looking compression sleeves, which are engineered to be non-constricting on your leg. Essentially, the sleeve supports the blood flow to the center of the body and is easily adjustable in case it’s ever a bother (which for me, never was). The guard was extremely comfortable and solid on my leg; I practically felt invincible while running around with it on (perhaps a slightly negative sentiment, in all honesty). The Adidas F50 Carbon shinguard is for an ultra-premium market and for premium players; however, there is no denying the quality and durability. A worthy investment for any top soccer player.

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