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One of the best cleats on the market just got a major boost. The Adidas Adizero recently changed its design and it looks stunning. To this point they had only released synthetic versions of the new design. Finally, they have released a leather version and it looks great. Not only will your touch be very good with these, they feel as though they will be more durable as well.


The color of these new cleats is the same as the first pair of synthetics that were released. As Adidas puts it, these cleats are high energy with electricity, which cold also be called red with some yellow accents to produce a very bright color scheme. The upper is made entirely of Goleo calf-leather. This leather is soft in order to provide a great touch and also provide more durability than the synthetic version. It also still features the sprint web to give you a better touch on the ball with its textured design. Not only is this shoe durable, it is also extremely light. Even though this version is leather, it still weighs only 6 ounces.


The synthetic version of the F50 Adizero is extremely comfortable but I feel that the leather version is even better. The leather helps to provide a glove-like fit, while still making you feel as though you are wearing a cleat that can hold up for an entire season. The beautiful thing about this cleat is that you are gaining added durability while essentially adding no weight. The leather version adds only 0.2 ounces, which is not much at all. Another great thing about these cleats is the ultra light insole. It gives the cleats great support while not adding much weight.


If you are a player that wants the fastest cleat on the market, look no farther than these Adizero’s. The weight is incredible. When they are on your feet you feel as though you are not even wearing a cleat. It also contours to your foot very nicely to give a comfortable, snug feel. In my opinion, the leather shoe feels more durable than the synthetic just because the leather is very durable and thicker. However, both are great options. On top of everything else, these are micoach capable, which is the new technology by Adidas to track everything about your play. These cleats are great and you should check them out today at SoccerPro.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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