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Did I just travel back to 1979? Nope, the Copa Mundials are still around an amazing 32 years later! A classic Adidas soccer cleat that is still kickin’.. literally.  Today when the copas were placed on my desk, I immediately looked forward to trying them on for old time’s sake. Brings back memories of the good ol’ days when everyone had normal looking shoes. Alas it is time to take a closer look, so check it out.

Copa MundialStyle: Well let’s just say that the Copas were made at a time when fluorescent colors were nowhere to be seen on the soccer field and deservedly so. I mean those bright orange shoes aren’t going to help you sneak by the opposing back line. You can see the shoes from across the field, and if you are a good player it makes it easy for defenders to keep an eye on you…anyhow I digress. All black with white 3-stripes on each side is its trademark. You know what you’re getting with the Copas: simplicity. A shoe that has survived 30+ years will obviously look strikingly different than the newer shoes by Adidas. I’ve always been a fan of the tongue that lays over the laces, and the part of the shoes that covers your heel makes it easy to pull the shoe on your foot.

Fit: Kangaroo leather is my number one choice as far as shoe material is concerned, and the Copa’s are known for their super soft upper. Breaking in some cleats can take weeks, while the Copas are so comfortable they feel pre-broken in. I have a little extra room in the toe and would consider going down a half size from my usual, but everything else fits perfectly.

Features: Without 30 years of shoe-engineering, it makes it tough for the Copas to compete with the top of the line cleats today. Round studs on the bottom are almost unseen today, but I’ve always liked them personally. The large tongue to cover the laces and the awesome kangaroo leather have to be my favorite things about this shoe. While the shoes coming out today are moving more and more towards synthetic leather to decrease the weight of the shoe, the Copas will always stay classy. One complaint is that the laces are about 1 foot too long, which forces me to wrap around the bottom before tying them. Not a big deal if you are playing on a dry surface, but when they get wet it can become a hassle if you can’t keep the shoes tight.

The Adidas Copa Mundial’s are a classic, and at only $89.99 they are a steal. Durable kangaroo leather, simple design, and supreme comfort are what you get. Definitely recommended.

Written by: Mason, Classic Copa’s: It’s like playing soccer in a time machine


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