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I’m incredibly sick of this cold weather. It’s already tough enough to play with ice on the ground. Then comes the snow, wind, and general dreariness of winter. Now, I’ve got nothing to worry about in my new Adidas soccer jacket: the incredibly warm Adidas Condivo Fleece Top

The looks of this fleece are quite classic for Adidas standards: three white stripes lining the arms sitting on an all black jacket with a small Adidas logo on the chest. Two white accent lines bring the jacket together nicely near the armpit. A 1/4 zip toward the top of the jacket makes this jacket the full package in terms of a professional-clean-cut look. Some may call it “plain-Jane” but the again, I’m into these classic styles. As for performance, this is where the jacket really is above the competition.

I cannot emphasize enough how surprisingly warm this jacket really is. The jacket is made of 100% polyester interlock, an extremely comfortable material that feels like  being wrapped up in the best fleece blanket you’ve ever put around you. It also has a great elastic cord on the bottom of the jacket so you can keep in your amazing warmth in the bitter cold. I put on this jacket in place of my current heavy winter jacket and actually felt the fleece top was just as warm, if not warmer, than my current jacket. Elastic cuffs by the jacket’s hand holes allow the warmth to get trapped in the jacket, a terrific and now relatively standard feature of soccer jackets. To wrap it all up into a sweet deal, Adidas has included its patented ClimaWarm technology, which helps improve thermal insulation even more. The ClimaWarm technology is also very adaptable, as the material helps the jacket to be very versatile. Whether you’re looking for just a light pullover or a way to stave off freezing temperatures, this jacket’s sweet technology allows you to all of this and more.

Overall, I’m sold on this jacket. It’s warm, extremely comfortable, and got cool classic looks.


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