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Bridgeview is going to be rocking soon enough and what better way to celebrate than snagging up an affordable ball, such as the Adidas Tropheo Chicago Fire Ball? The answer is there is no better way to celebrate. Although some might view this as a cheap soccer ball, the Adidas Tropheo Chicago Fire Ball is a surprisingly good quality ball for its starting price point of $19.99. I got to test it out and a few notable things popped out to me:

  • The overall look of the ball is unique in a great way. The ball is based off the infamous Jabulani ball used in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and it’s got a bit of the styling of that ball but Adidas made the ball very team specific to the Fire. The ball is mostly red all over, akin to the Fire jersey. The ball also has some light blue lines that surround certain areas of the ball and other features on the ball really stand out from the crowd. The ball is enhanced by having two Chicago Fire logos as well as some stylistic text reading “FIRE”. Finally the ball is brought into a full package with an Adidas logo, a Jabulani logo, and an official MLS logo closely put together. To ensure you are getting quality, the ball was packaged with stickers reading “Officially Licensed Product” with an MLS logo.
  • The ball held up really well in testing. The Adidas soccer ball uses a butyl bladder for terrific air retention. The ball is machine stitched so you know it’s done right and won’t fall apart on you in just a couple of outings. TPU casing and a nylon-wound carcass help provide the ball with immense durability and a soft touch so you know exactly where the ball will be going when you lay it off to your teammates. The ball was tested in all sorts of condition (snow, rain) and performed admirably.

Overall, the Chicago Fire ball is a terrific addition to your soccer ball collection if you are a fan of the franchise. It’s made of high quality materials and has a unique look that works well with the franchise.


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