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I won’t lie; I’m a big Adidas fan-boy and probably will be as long as they keep making quality boots. I first fell in love with the brand with the incarnation of the 1st edition Predators and have never looked back. With my style becoming less flashy in recent days and my concerns about a durable soccer cleat still high, I needed a new shoe to satisfy my need. Thankfully, Adidas has made a terrific soccer shoe in the new Adidas Adipure IV.

The first noticeable thing about the shoe is the incredible soft Kangaroo leather that surrounds the shoe. I’ve always been a big fan of this material, as it’s highly durable, comfortable, and molds to your foot for a practically custom fit. Plus, it’s decently lightweight, a big plus in the trending of soccer shoes these days. At any rate, the shoes are incredibly comfortable and for good reason. The Lacing sits on top of the boot, a classic design that strays away from some of the awkward asymmetrical patterns common in todays shoes. The lacing system allows for better, more true contact of the ball with each powerful strike on the pitch. The shoe also uses an external heel counter, which provides a pillow like feel even on an area of your foot that is usually problematic. The stud pattern takes a nod from the current excellent Predator design, with elongated elliptical studs so your feet don’t get caught up on the pitch with cuts. Sharp turns are a piece of cake in the new Adipure thanks to the cleat pattern. In reality, though, it’s a versatile boot that can be used for nearly any position on the field.

As for the look of the Adipure, it’s pretty simple. Three classic white stripes line either side of the shoe, akin to the Adidas logo. Red stitching accent the boot terrifically and make it something besides just a plain black boring boot. Red studs also dress up the shoe a little bit more so if you’re looking for clean style, you’ve got a good choice.

Overall, it’s a really high quality boot for a terrific price. It may be a bit plain for some, but if you’re looking for a shoe that will last you a long time, you can’t go too wrong with the Adipure IV.

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  1. Hi! Nice thoughts. Very similar to mine. Currently I own Mercurial Victories: the lowest of the low in the Mercurial lines right now. I have a wide foot, which is why I went with the cleats I have now. But I really want the Adipures. My Mercurials are 8.5’s and they stretched on the width, because again i have really wide feet. Do these shoes run true to size and would they stretch in width? I tried Adidas Predators X at a local store, but they seemed too too narrow for me. My feet hurt as soon as I got them on. Since they dont have any Adipures around locally, Im considering ordering them from the States. Would you recommend them? As I cant even stand while wearing Predators because of how narrow it is?

  2. Sean,

    I feel you’re pain on the wide foot problems. I have one too, and the Adipures are ok. They’re K-leather, so they stretch out, but they take a while to break in(say 2-3 hard training sessions). The predators will stretch eventually in my experience, but the Adipures are definitely the better, I got myself a pair of the Adipure SL’s and I like the cleat pattern as its more stable for wider feet. You might want to try getting an Adinova, the next step down in the line, before you shell out for something fancy, make sure they’ll fit ok.

    All the best mate