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You don’t always have to pay through the nose to get a decent pair of leather soccer shoes, and these Adidas adiNOVA’s prove that point. At only $35.99, they’re affordable for any budget, and have all the best features you’d want in any soccer boot. The black with sun color goes well with any kit, but especially a Liverpool jersey. There’s just something about the contrast the makes it really pop.

The upper is made of a full-grain leather and is designed for a soft feel and good touch. You can’t beat real leather for touch and connection on the ball. There’s just something about the way natural leather functions, and fits to your foot that can’t be matched by even the most advanced synthetic compounds. The asymmetrical loop lacing system give a better ball contact area for more accurate shots on goal, and the instep is cushioned so your passes should be accurate too.

The insole has an EVA sockliner through out which really aids comfort and keeps you feet from getting too sweaty. It also feels good on the bottom your foot, particularly if you have a high arch like me. Support is always an issue, but with this sockliner and the lacing system on thee boots, I find my feet get the support they need.

The cleats are blades, and they work well on any hard natural surface you may be playing on. They’re also fine on damp surface or wet grass, but I wouldn’t recommend you use them on a muddy, water logged pitch. The blades work great on hard surfaces because of their long, narrow surface area, but this also makes them liable to slip out from under you in muddy conditions. Overall, this is a great pair of soccer cleats at a low price, I’d definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a decent pair of shoes but can;t afford to shell out $200 plus dollars.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

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I've played soccer since I could walk thanks to my father and love keeping up on all the latest gear and gab. I'm in my twenties, and I'm lucky enough to have found work in search marketing for a leading soccer retailer after completing my M.A. at Georgetown in 2008. My team is Liverpool, and national side is Ireland, but I've also got a passion for GAA and a number of sports. Feel free to give me a shout on Google+


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