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I’ve been looking for a quality pair of soccer sandals for a while after playing a tough match or two. Problem is that most sandals today are real boring looking or just plain uncomfortable, a real shock considering the way soccer cleats have been going to flashy colors lately. That’s why I’m labeling the new Adidas Adilette (Warning with Purple) as my new savior.

When I first saw the color of the sandals, I was a bit skeptical at first. Purple and bright orange? That’s a pretty bold move by Adidas. After slipping these bad boys on my feet with ease, I was proud to wear them. The sandal colorway is based off the original black and white classic colorway that is seen on so many iconic products from the company. However, this is where the comparison ends in terms of looks. The sandal is orange all over and while some may scoff at the flashiness of it all, I’m a big fan of standing out in a crowd and actually recognizing my shoes from the rest of my team’s sandals. The purple accents the orange stripes on the upper overlying section of the shoe and make everything else pop. But what’s the point of having a sweet looking sandal if it’s not comfortable? Adidas thought of this one too.

One of my main requirements for sandals is how easily they can be slipped on and off your foot. Adidas has perfected this feature, thankfully. Not only that but the sandal is incredibly comfortable. It’s like putting on a pair of pillows on your feet. That feeling couldn’t be more needed after an exhausting match or practice involving sprints and marathon runs. The shoe is also very breathable, with the only pieces covering your foot being the sole of the shoe and the overlying purple and orange piece so the shoe actually stays on your feet. Besides that, you can let your stinky, sweaty feet breath with ease. Overall, it’s a flashy sandal with a ton of comfort. If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd with your new pair of sandals, look no further than the Warning with Purple Adidas Adilette.


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  1. Hi,
    I am trying to find a pair of the Warning with Purple sandals, but have not been able to find any close to my size. Where did you find yours?

  2. We got ours from soccerpro.com, but it looks like they’re sold out. You’ll probably have to go through Adidas’ soccer site