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I know, I know, it’s November and I’m talking about Adidas Adilette sandals. Obviously it’s not exactly sandal season in most places anymore, but they’re still worth discussing. The sandals have been around since 1972, so, yeah, I’d say they’re a pretty classic sandal. Though I haven’t been around since ’72, I can still remember seeing these sandals being around since I was a wee little kid. If I remember correctly, they’re even shown in the movie Dazed and Confused. Don’t quote me on that, though.

Anyway, I picked up a pair of these sandals about 2 months or so ago, and it was easily the best sandal purchase I’ve made. It’s absurd how comfortable these things are right from the start. I seriously think it took me about an hour to get them broken in. The footbed is wicked supportive and comfy, and what I especially love about it is the contour made for your toes. It fits right into the arch of your toes, so they stay put with every step. As a pigeon-toed (that’s right) dude, I often have problems finding a sandal that stays with my awkward way of walking, and I’m so happy I picked up a pair of Adilettes. They stay with my foot while I’m walking or jogging to beat the meter maid, but they are still super easy to slip on and off. I wear them pretty much every morning to put change in the meter and get coffee. The only “drawback” I found with the sandals is that the upper strap kind of digs into your foot for a day or so. It’s not painful or anything, but you can just feel the stiffness of the upper until you get it broken in. Like I said, breaking them in doesn’t take long, so the stiffness really isn’t an issue. These sandals aren’t necessarily the best at keeping your foot absolutely dry, but I’m not sure I’ve ever had a sandal that did well in that department. All in all, these sandals are a classic in style. I’ve received many a compliment from buddies of mine because they had no idea you could still get these sandals. Rest assured, guys (and girls), these sandals are very much alive. Oh, and as I said earlier, I know it’s not exactly sandal weather anymore in most places. Still, the sandals are totally affordable at $22.49 per pair, and I think they’ll make a great gift idea. I’ve only had mine a couple months, but they show no signs of falling apart on me. I’ve stubbed the front of them on the sidewalk so many times, yet they still remain sturdy and in form. Definitely worth the twenty bucks.

Oh, right, they also come in other colors than navy, if that happened to be your hang up!

Written by: Kristopher Dyer from soccerpro.com


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