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When I look for shoes nowadays, I’m always out to find something distinct and a shoe that will stand out from the sea of boring black and white soccer shoes. I’m also looking for something relatively versatile and a shoe that will hold up for a while, since I don’t want to get new shoes every 6 months. Adidas listened to my cries for help in creating the brash and awesome Adidas Adi5 X.

Let’s just right into the looks. The shoe is bright orange all over so you’re either going to love it or hate it; no two ways about it. If you do get past the orange color just simply love it already, the shoe is really unique in a good way. Diagonal grip-groove lines don the front of the shoe and provide you with a great soft touch on the ball as you receive and distribute the ball around the pitch (whatever that may be). 3 Black classic Adidas stripes line one side of the shoe while the other side of the shoe has a soft section of cushioning for extra control for your touches. The lower half of the shoe is adorned with a stylistic Adi5 logo with several black contour lines leading Adidas to coin the section  a “Touch compound”. Essentially, the section of the shoe give you even further increases of control on your touch. The heel of shoe is lined with grip lines that are black all over and help bring the shoe together a bit more. Did I mention these shoes are extremely comfortable?

In a classic move by Adidas, they lined the shoe with an Adiprene sole, a durable, soft cushioning so with each step you feel like you are stepping on a pile of ducks (I’d imagine that’d be soft since I’ve never personally tried it). The sole of the shoe is quite versatile for nearly any surface you decide to play on. Originally designed for turf environments, the rounded grip “studs” can also work great for indoor surfaces or stingy hard outdoor field surfaces. I felt as if I was playing with a cleat on my foot with each step, no matter the surface, as I found my turns to be executed with pinpoint, quick accuracy.

Overall, it’s a bold shoe. You’ll love or hate the look of it but almost anyone can love the performance of this soccer turf shoe. A great value and one shoe that will last you a while for a good price.

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