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The Rossoneri are a classic European powerhouse with unbelievable players. Naturally, they have one of the best home kits in all of European football, with the iconic red and black vertical stripes being the centerpiece of an excellent looking soccer jersey. For most, a $70-80 price tag is a bit steep to pay for one of these amazing AC Milan jerseys, though the quality of Adidas has put into the jerseys is undeniably awesome. Fortunately, adidas decided there were enough people who felt the $80 price tag should be cut in half so they came out with the AC Milan Home Replica Tee for just under $40. Lets jump into what you get for such a sweet price.

First off, the shirt looks nearly identical to the home jersey, a huge plus for the economical shopper out there. The shirt has slightly thicker stripes than the jersey, but it’s truly unnoticeable unless you compare them side-by-side in a close eye-test. At any rate, the shirt features the iconic red and black stripes us AC Milan fans love. Adorned on the front is the classic Fly Emirates logo, a company that sponsors what seems like half of European soccer powers out there. The positive you can take away from that sentiment is that the shirt is not thrown in with another failing insurance company sponsorship logo on a European power (ahem Manchester United).

At any rate, the shirt is nicely rounded out with a small white Adidas logo on one side of the chest with the clubs crest (with a small gold star above the crest) sitting on the opposite side of the chest. The arms are covered with three red stripes, a nod to the classic AC Milan red and the Adidas 3-stripe design. Finally, the back of the shirt is plain black (simple, yet attractive).

The shirt is also super comfortable. When I first put it on, I really thought I was wearing the real jersey. Adidas has outfitted the shirt with patented ClimaLit material, which manages moisture in a soft, lightweight fabric. The shirt is 100% polyester so you know it’s durable and versatile overall. In reality, the shirt is not as comfortable as the true AC Milan jersey, but Adidas sure did an excellent job at replicating the feel of the home kit, too. Overall, if you’re looking for an AC Milan jersey but don’t have the money, the economical, awesome AC Milan Home Replica Tee will do the job for you.

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