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I’ve previously reviewed the Adidas Bayern Munich home jersey with great delight (that’s right, delight), and the same goes for the Adidas AC Milan home jersey. In my humble opinion, Adidas nailed it this season with their jersey design. But first, let’s pause for a quick aside about AC Milan’s team—Oguchi Onyewu is on the roster. That’s a pretty prestigious squad to find an American on. I mean, sure he hasn’t necessarily played, which is more of a detriment to his international play, but eh, at least he can say he was on the squad, right?

Alright, now that I got that Onyewu business out of my system, let’s talk about AC Milan Jersey. In my Bayern review, the only drawback to the jersey was the gaudy sponsor logo—this is not the case with the Milan jersey. “Fly Emirates” is printed across the chest, but it doesn’t have a giant white rectangular background to it, so the text isn’t obnoxious in the least. It fits well in the jersey (“Fly” even fits neatly into one vertical stripe, oh my). As with every other professional jersey out there, the team crest is up on the left chest and the Adidas logo is on the right chest. Staying true to the AC Milan colors, the vertical stripes composing the shirt are alternating red and black. The sleeve pattern keeps in line with the other Adidas jerseys this season with the shoulder designed with the three Adidas stripes (red with a black background) which eventually give way to the stripe pattern prevalent on the rest of the jersey.  Another sweet feature about this jersey is the side abdomen. This is basically what makes the stripe pattern work for the rest of the jersey. Two stitched gold borders stretch from both sides of the armpit and down to the hip, and they provide the border for a solid black area of the abdomen. It adds a touch of class and a touch of a fortitudinous image for any player rockin’ this jersey on the pitch. I’m glad the makers of the jersey chose to keep the gold elements limited, so the jersey doesn’t reach into the garish echelon. From my memory, which may or may not be faulty, AC Milan has always had this kind of jersey pattern with the vertical stripes, but it was missing something to make it stand out. I think Adidas changed that this year. The golden curves on either side of the abdomen really stick out as a finishing touch on the jersey. As opposed to the Bayern Munich jersey, the back of the AC Milan jersey is blank and continues the stripe pattern. I think that works because the colors are red and black; any other colors, and I think it gets a little obnoxious. Overall, this is definitely a solid jersey in design and execution. It’s also made of 100% polyester with Adidas CLIMACOOL technology, which is pretty much standard for Adidas jerseys. The $69.99 price tag is also pretty standard for an Adidas jersey, so I’ll say what I usually say in this situation: It’s worth it, especially if you’re a fan of AC Milan or know a fan and need a holiday gift idea!

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com


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