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The new crop of MLS jerseys has arrived at the shop, and these shirts are pretty snazzy. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Portland Timbers Away jersey, but you should know that it’s just one cool cat in a plethora of cool cats.

Normally, we think of soccer jerseys as being separated in horizontal layers with the shoulders and torso; however, the Timbers’ away jersey is separated into two vertical layers, divided by a center-point running down from the throat to the waist. This center-point is a stylized zigzag line that looks as if, gasp, an axe has made its mark! Jokes aside, there’s more to discuss with this shirt. The torso is divided into two colors by the zigzag, and those two colors are (drumroll) maroon and red. I know, I know. It isn’t flashy, nor is it too edgy; nonetheless, it makes for a simple yet effective design. It catches your eye for the right reasons. The chest has a pretty standard layout as far as the crest/sponsor/designer placement goes, with one adjustment. Instead of being across from the team crest, the Adidas logo is up on the right collarbone, just underneath the collar. It’s a good placement because it keeps the shirt balanced. The Portland crest is stitched into the left chest, while the sponsor logo, “Alaska Airlines,” is just below the crest, spanning across both hemispheres. The crest and logo both dwarf the Adidas logo, which is why the shirt would feel completely unbalanced had Adidas placed their logo in the mix with the other two. What really completes the jersey is the design of the sleeves. From the shoulders to about mid sleeve, you have 3 white stripes with red background which then give way to a totally white sleeve. On the left sleeve, boom, American flag. On the right sleeve, double boom, MLS logo. It’s a simple design, but it complements the rest of the jersey so well that it really ties the shirt together.

If you’re worried that you’ll end up buying a shirt that looks cool but fits poorly, put that baby to rest. As with all other Adidas jerseys, this puppy is made with ClimaCool technology, which keeps your dry and cool (of course, I know). It fits closer to the skin than a regular t-shirt, but that isn’t to say it’s constricting or snug. It’s still flexible enough to be comfortable all day long. Expect one of these jerseys to cost around $69.99, which is a fair deal in my opinion. Take care of it, and this jersey will last you season after season of cheering the Timbers on; heck, even if you aren’t a fan and know someone who is, this will be a great gift idea.

Written by: Kris Dyer, of the planet Omicron Persei 8, soccerprose.com

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