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Let’s go Goats! Let’s go Goats! The new MLS jerseys are in the shop, and, though I’m certainly excited about them all, I absolutely love the Chivas USA away jersey. Adidas definitely came through for the boys with this year’s shirt.

A lot is going on with this jersey, but don’t let it scare you; it all works very well together to produce an exceptional shirt. The base color of the shirt is a dark blue, reminiscent of the French shirts. The accent of the shirt is a saturated red, again reminiscent of the French. For me, the shirt can be separated into two distinct parts with the shoulders and the torso. At the shoulders, there are the classic Adidas 3-stripes running down to the bicep, where they are met with horizontal red stitching which wraps around the entire upper chest and lower shoulders of the shirt. At the right collarbone you’ve got the obligatory Adidas logo, which is a good choice. Any lower and the logo would look very out of place and would clog the torso. That’s it for the shoulders; simple, clean and to the point. The torso, however, is another story.

The torso has several elements working together to give a highly attractive jersey, and yes, this includes the team crest and the sponsor logo. The crest makes its presence known on the left chest, and just below the crest is “Corona,” written in that all-too-familiar font. Behind the crest and logo are wide stripes that make their presence known in the right light. That’s correct, folks—the stripes are about the same color as the shirt, but they’re made from a different material that allows them to shine just a little more when light bounces off them. It makes for a pretty elegant effect, if I do say so myself. The sides of the abdomen sport that red I mentioned previously with somewhat wide lines of material running from the armpit down to the hip. Once at the hip, we get another band of red running across the front, though not the back. If I were Adidas, I probably would have kept the red band running throughout the entire cuff. Oh, it seems I’ve not mentioned the sleeves! Well, the sleeve cuffs boast that red band the same as the waist, but the red wraps around the entire sleeve. The right sleeve also has a stitched MLS logo, of course. All-in-all, I really love the look of this jersey, and I’m confident you will too. The next pressing question, then, is how does it feel? How does it fit?

If you’re familiar with Adidas wear then you’re familiar with the ClimaCool technology. If not, here’s a quick rundown—the climacool allows your body to keep cool and reduces the amount of moisture built up over time, which we all know makes for a more comfortable fit. Aside from that, the jersey also fits really well, depending on how you like your shirts. As is the trend nowadays, the shirts fit closer to the skin than a normal soccer t-shirt, so keep that mind. Even with the close fit, it’s still soft and flexible, so you don’t need to worry about it all that much!

Expect to pay $69.99 or so for a shirt, which is more or less standard for a jersey. This would make a great gift for any occasion, or, hey, you could save up a little cash and treat yourself to a jersey after a solid work week! Either way, I recommend picking one of these bad boys up.

Written by: Kris Dyer, winning, soccerprose.com

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