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Beckham is going to be looking sharp in the new 2011 LA Galaxy away jersey. The question is will you be sporting the licensed or the Call-Up jersey?

The regular licensed jersey is a dark gray-blue with navy accents on the side and on the sleeve. The classic three white stripes can be seen crossing over the shoulders as a yellow stitching outlines them. The yellow, seen in the LA crest, is also seen lining the bottom of the jersey and on the collar.

A subtle touch, which I appreciate, is how LA Galaxy repeats inside the back collar. I enjoy the placement and size of the sponsor. At times I feel the sponsor can takeover a jersey and really takeaway from the team, but Herbalife really adds to and compliments the jersey.

So obviously the licensed jersey has a lot of components the La Galaxy Call-Up jersey doesn’t, but I wouldn’t kick it to the curb that fast. The Call-Up jersey is very simple. It’s navy with the three yellow Adidas stripes on the sleeve. The dark color really makes the yellow pop and stand out. By just looking at the colors I automatically know it’s a jersey for the LA Galaxy. I also like the mesh located on the shoulder and underarm. It really adds some nice texture and ventilation to the shirt.

The Call-Up jersey is a great alternative for those fans that want to support the LA team but don’t have the bucks to spend on the licensed jersey. What would I choose? Obviously I would have to go with the licensed jersey, but if you are looking for simple, low cost, go with the Call-Up jersey.

Written by: Blair McNamee, soccer chick, soccerprose.com

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