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The University of Portsmouth Institute of Sports Psychology have apparently tired of trying to figure out whats the story with Maradona, released a study that has found players tend to play better if their managers are wearing different clothing. Apparently, how a coach or manager dresses affects the psychology of his or her team, and thereby contributes to victory of defeat. Now I’m, not sure what to make of this study, or what soccer apparel but it does seem to make sense, and its done by reputable University.

Dr. Richard Thelwell, yes that is actually his name, knows that players must make snap decisions so he has applied that idea to the judgement they make of people, in this case, managers.

Dr Thelwell said: ”First impressions can have a powerful and long-lasting effect, no matter how quickly those judgments were made.
”From the research, we know that sportsmen and women make snap decisions about their opponents based on first impressions.
”Such impressions then often influence the expectations of the performance outcome that ultimately results in success or failure.
”In coaching it is vital a strong rapport develops between the coach and the athlete.” –The Daily Mail

So it seems that a tall slender manager wearing warm ups at a training session has more pull with a player than a fat manger in a suit. Once on the sideline, a smartly dressed, athletic manager still has more to offer in terms of garnering respect and getting results than a portly, smartly dressed one.

Interesting stuff, not sure where Maradona would fit in the scheme of this, and its seems all the fancy clothes in the world couldn’t help England or France at the last World Cup. So maybe the point of the study is that so long as you have the ability to coach, your soccer coaching equipment can help you, but if you’re as useless as Capello, Beckham, or Domenech, not ammount of Armani or Adidas will help you.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose,com

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  1. Soccer Training Equipment

    First of all, what has the dress code got to do with how the performance of the team. The team will perform if they are trained well and physically fit. I feel this study has no basis although I do believe in the impact of first impressions. But on the contrary to that, what if the team is not at all fit and the coach is dressed well??? You think that’ll help them win the match? definitely no!!! So, it’s important that players undergo a strict training in Soccer.