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Now that the winter time is upon us, it is time to gear up with the best cold gear available. Whether you are a parent, coach or just a fan of watching soccer outdoors you need the Puma Manager Coat. This jacket is one of the warmest we here at SoccerPro have in our inventory, and with the first snow fall of the year already occurring in Missouri, you should grab one quick.


The Puma Manager jacket is all black with the only hint of color coming from the Puma logo that is stitched on the right chest in white. However, you are not buying this coat for the style, you are buying it to protect you from the elements and it is extremely good at that. The outer layer of this jacket features a highly durable and waterproof material. It also has an attachable hood in order to keep you dry and warm. When you are outside you also must keep your valuable items dry such as your phone. In order to accomplish this, this jacket has pockets that snap close to protect all your items. All these things are nice to keep you dry but during the winter you must also stay warm. In order to keep you warm, there is an inner fleece layer that is extremely warm. The jacket also zips up and has buttons that snap over the zipper to add another layer of protection.


As I mentioned above, this jacket is one of the warmest we have in stock. The fleece is extremely thick and could be considered a jacket by itself. I was wearing it for a few minutes indoors and was already beginning to sweat from the heat that it gives. Then when you add another layer on top of that to keep snow and rain away and the jacket is unbeatable. The sleeves also have velcro that allows you to tighten the sleeves in order to keep wind and water out. This jacket is much longer than most. Instead of coming down to about your waist, it comes down close to your knees. This is another feature that works to keep you warm.


Some teams choose to play outdoor still in the winter instead of moving it indoors. This can be brutal on spectators or coaches. With this jacket, you still wont be as comfortable as you would be inside by a fire, but you will be pretty warm for how cold it is outside. Also, this Puma soccer jacket is not limited to only soccer fans or coaches. If you are just in need of a good winter jacket to keep you warm, this is still perfect for you. At $85.49, it is a little pricy but if you decide to spend the money on it, you will be extremely happy. It is not only warm but very durable and you will have it for years to come.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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