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When attempting to choose the perfect ball for your team or for your personal arsenal, it seems that personal preference is the dominant deciding factor with so many different balls to choose from and not too many visual differences between the $10 balls and the $150 soccer balls.

FIFA has attempted to help out the process by creating quality marks that they place on the more high-quality balls. The Nike Premier Team Ball has gotten the highest possible honor from the rigorous testing system that FIFA has in place: FIFA “A” Approved. It also sneaks in at the very bottom of the prices for such a high quality ball, costing only $39.99. In comparison, other “A” Approved balls cost well over $100.

The first thing you’ll notice about this ball is the new color scheme that Nike has adopted for their current ball line. As always, they state that this new coloring helps players and goalkeepers notice the ball and make decisions more quickly. After a few run outs, it definitely catches the eye and can really help a goalkeeper see the spin as quickly as possible.

During my time playing with the ball, I definitely noticed how easily the ball stuck to my feet, allowing me to execute relatively quick maneuvers without the ball rolling too far away from me. It also held up well on the field we were playing, which is a feat in itself since we play in a half grass and half dirt field. The ball also flies extremely true, giving my team no excuse for skewing a ball wide of their target.

If you are in the market for a top tier ball without breaking the bank, the Premier Team Ball fits your needs perfectly. It has a durable outer, an eye-catching color scheme, and the potential to become the first ball your kids pull out of the bag when practice starts.

Written by: Andrew McCole, kit man, soccerprose.com


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