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Another year, another awesome new MLS franchise entering the fray and gunning for the coveted MLS Cup. Enter the Vancouver Whitecaps, the newest coolest kid on the block. To go along with the awesome Whitecaps jersey comes the new Vancouver Whitecaps Tropheo Ball, and its just as slick as its club.

The ball is a spin-off of the infamous Jabulani ball used in the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Love it or hate it, it’s got some similar features but noticeable differences. Diving right in, the ball has a nylon wound carcass and a TPU construction. This gets you a highly durable product that will allow you to kick this ball around all season long. Plus, the carcass gives you some really impressive soft touches. It has a real natural classic soccer ball feel and for less than $20, a fan of the Whitecaps can’t ask for much more. Or can they? The Whitecaps ball also is machine stitched, so you know you’ll get quality across the whole ball. The butyl bladder also helps the ball retain air for a long time coming. During testing, I didn’t feel as if the ball changed feel at all, as it kept air well and maintained the same soft touch as if it was straight out of the package with each kick of the ball.

The Whitecaps ball also has a really classy look. It’s a clean white design with stylistic blue shade patterns across the various sections of the ball. A Whitecaps crest sits prominently and looks terrific against the white back-set. MLS and Adidas logos sit on the ball, too, so you know you’re getting quality gear from an emerging league and a highly respected soccer company. The Whitecaps ball oozes class and is surprisingly durable, given it’s price point. I’d recommend it to any fan of the franchise or the MLS in general.

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