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Let’s face it: there are some pretty unique soccer jerseys out there today, which can be a very good or bad thing. Take Lyon’s jerseys. The home kit is really classy and modern and has a very appropriate sponsor. Amazingly, the away jersey is about the ugliest creation man has ever seen. Though just one example, going bold and unique is clearly either a big hit or a big miss. With the Vancouver Whitecaps jersey used for home contests, Adidas went bold. Lucky for us, they got it completely right and the result is my favorite Home kit in the MLS.

The boldness of the jersey comes in the accent lines running down various sections of the front of the kit. Horizontal lines run along the bottom of the jersey and makes a player look as if they have the most ripped abdominal area of their life. It seems like that’s a strange description, but in fact, it’s pretty accurate. At any rate, it really makes the white kit go from bland to awesome in a heartbeat. Besides the sweet contour lines, the jersey looks pretty clean. Three white stripes line either sleeve, a classic Adidas design, and look nice. The sponsor, Bell, logo looks terrific and seems appropriate for the new franchise. Plus, the Whitecaps crest is one of my favorite in the league, using a variety of blues and white.

Did I mention the jersey is really comfortable, too? All MLS kits this year are made by Adidas and outfitted with some sweet features, such as the patented Clima Cool material. What’s that mean for you? You’ll get a really breathable jersey that is lightweight and versatile. The kit is also 100% polyester so it’s highly durable and versatile. You can wear this jersey while walking to class, sleeping, eating, training…you name the situation, the jersey can probably be worn in it. Overall, the bold design makes this jersey amazing and sets it apart from the crowd. The elements of the front of the jersey coincide well together.

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