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Other than the World Cup, the European Championship is one of the biggest international soccer events in the world. It gathers some of the best national teams to compete for the title of best in Europe. It is also nice because you don’t have to wait a full four years to see good national sides playing each other in the World Cup.

In 2012, Poland and Ukraine will host Euro 12, and with so many great sides on offer its sure to be a classic tournament. As with all major competitions, there is going to be a new ball released to coincide with it, and man does this one look classy. The adidas Euro 2012 Tango Match Ball carries on the heritage of the venerable Tango line, and is one of the best balls adidas have brought out in years.

The Tango used to be one of the best soccer balls in the world, and Adidas signature line, but faded away as of late. Luckily, Adidas have decided to revamp the ball for this tournament and the end product is great. This ball stays with the classic design with only a few minor tweaks. However, it also adds great technology to make this one of the best soccer balls around. The Tango 12 is all white with black triangles throughout similar to old styles. They then throw in the blue and yellow of Ukraine and the red and white of Poland to make it specific for this tournament. The ball has dimples throughout in order to give the perfect flight of the ball. However, unlike the Jabulani, the texture is consistent throughout so you should not have crazy flight patterns when this one is hit.

Now the Hi-Vis version of this ball is designed for winter condition and looks even more striking in its bright orange color and boast all the same sweet features and details of the standard match ball. The only downside to this ball is the price. At $149.99, it is extremely pricey for a ball, but if you are lucky enough to have the money to spend, you definitely should because this ball is truly a gem.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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