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I’ve got 99 problems but cleats ain’t one, Hit me! (in my Jay-Z voice) Puma has come out with their new and improved Puma v. 1.11 , and I must say Puma did an excellent job stepping their game up! The light weight cleat is great for the player whose game focuses on speed and skill to outsmart the opponent.


When you look at other sports cleats and equipment it’s all pretty uniform. A basketball is more likely than not going to be orange with black lines, a football brown with white lines, and a baseball white with red lines. Cleats for other sports stay with the neutral boring colors that really don’t grab your attention. During a soccer practice or soccer game you could look around and see different color soccer balls and cleats making each team player an individual, standing out as their own player adding their own flare to the game. In saying that, the Puma V1.11 florescent green will fit right in with the rich culture of soccer. Aside from the color, I really like the way the cleat looks–the navy blue accents look great with the green color. I’ve never been a fan of side lacing because i think it makes your foot look huge, but it doesn’t look too bad on this cleat! It’s a fun cleat that will help any one bring personality to their game!


I felt like Goldie Locks trying on these puma cleats. When I put on my usual size it was too small. I went a size up and it was too big! I finally went a half size up and it was just right! I would recommend you try these cleats on before you buy them, or just make sure you can return them for another size because they don’t stay true to normal sizing. Once I did find my right size, I really liked how they fit on my foot!

Physical Attributes

The biggest selling point for these cleats is that they are really really lightweight. Most of the weight from this cleat comes from the studs on the bottom of the shoe. The synthetic leather is really durable and is the key component to the lightweight cleat. Puma has done its research by looking at how a player runs and configuring the cleats to match the way a player runs. The small cleat in the back may look pointless but it gives you traction as you roll off your heel. The bigger cleats in the middle are there to stabilize and help your side to side movement. The soccer cleats at the toe are slightly raised to go along with the natural roll your foot makes when running and allows you to push off the front part of you foot to accelerate! Lastly the thin sockliner provides a lot of comfort for whomever is wearing them, so they’re both lightweight and comfortable!


The Puma V1.11 will cost you $219.99, which some may think is a¬†little pricey, but this is a quality cleat that that will serve you well on the pitch. It’s a lightweight cleat that is great for anyone who doesn’t like the feeling of a heavy cleat while they’re running around on the field. It’s flashy and stylish for the player who likes to make the game their own These are great cleats, and you won’t be let down when you purchase them!

Written by: Kendra, Soccer Girl, soccerprose.com


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  1. Hi, what size did you end up fitting? I received a US11 today, and they’re too big. I’m normally a US10. thanks