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As a competitive player turned recreational star, I’ve found my need a highly expensive shoe has diminished with each passing season. Soccer shoes have come a long way in the past 10 years, increasing in innovation, durability, and speed each year thanks to new synthetic materials, better cleat pattern designs, and practical instep features that help players step up their game. Puma is one company who has helped support this trend while making products affordable to the everyday soccer player. The Puma Youth Powercat is the culmination of innovation, durability, and speed, making it one of my favorite value cleats out on the market today.

To start, the shoe is made of soft PU material, which provides a soft and accurate touch no matter what situation you find yourself in on the pitch. Through a rigorous testing procedure, the shoe held up considerably well compared to other youth shoes on the market and showed no signs of giving out. The functional asymmetrical lacing will help you achieve a greater strike area on the instep and front of the boot, so you can distribute the ball with ease or just blaze a shot on target and into the back of the net. The bottom of the shoe is also quite innovative. The outsole is outfitted with lightweight TPU so you can feel light on your feet even in the dying embers of a game. The pointed stud configuration gives you terrific traction on a conventional field. Turns are executed with ease and precision, so you can gain that extra edge on your competition. These Puma soccer shoes give ultra premium soccer shoes a run for their money with their excellent performance and lightweight feel and touch.

Some may knock the look of the shoe, but I’m a big fan of the classic good looks. It’s a mostly black shoe with white and silver elements to dress up the product a bit. A big Puma Powercat lines the outside of the shoe and is as intimidating as your fierce game. Contour lines are placed on the instep of the shoe and give the Powercat that modern feel you may seek to keep up the pace with the design of modern boots.

Overall, the shoe is a terrific value at under $45. It’s highly durable, made of quality materials, and delivers exceptional performance given the price point.

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