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Hey girls,

Christie here again with another women’s apparel item, the Puma Graphic Crew Sweatshirt. This pink lady is another favorite of mine out of the spring collection, and here’s why.

First of all, the sweatshirt is a beautiful shade of shocking pink, so its bright, but not fluorescent, and the graphic in the middle is really cute too. Its says “All you need is a soccer” with a white heart bordering it. The heart is white, and the text is black and blue making it really pop on the pink background. Once again, Puma seem to really know what we girls want.

The sweatshirt is also lined so it will keep you warm, but not too warm on a fresh spring or fall day. Its long sleeve, and has these nifty front pockets for your hands. I love this feature, because I’m always out of places to carry things on the sideline, or on the way to the game, like my phone. Also, its nice to have a place to keep your hands warm and out of the wind when your watching on the bench, or waiting to get back into the game. The collar is a little bit elastic and has a cinch to tighten it around you, and the bottom of the sweatshirt and the sleeves fit snuggly so the wind won’t be sneaking up your back.

Overall, I really like it, and it the perfect thing to wear over your jersey on the sideline, out around town on a cool day, or just lounging around the house. and it $44.99 it won’t break my bank.

Written by: Christie, football fashionista, soccerprose.com

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