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Speed boots are no new revelation: for the past few years, soccer boot manufacturers have been fighting it out to build the lightest shoe to give to you in an effort to increase the games already lightning fast pace. Even cleats like the Nike Tiempo Legend, a stubbornly traditional design, has an iteration that competes in the lightweight boot segment for elite players (of course, at an elite price). I am already a fan of the new lightweight trend occurring so Puma has come out to satisfy my craving with the brand new Puma v1.11, a flashy boot with a lot to offer any premier player out there.

Diving right in, the v1.11 is an upgraded version of their old lightweight entrant, the v1.10. The boot has changed in many ways from last year’s version for the better. For one, gone is the microfiber/synthetic blend and in comes an ultra-soft k leather, a material I’m a massive fan of. It combines the best of both worlds, in that it is incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear while also not weighing your feet down. While the shoe itself, in turn, is very slightly heavier than the previous iteration, it’s still quite lighweight.┬áThe v1.11 also features the third generation of Puma’s revolutionary UNI technology. What’s this mean for you? This construction minimizes the amount of layers between you and the grass (or whatever surface you play on) and provides an industry leading fit. All this means is that you’ll be getting closer to playing barefoot while having an incredibly comfortable fit. A carbon fiber plate is inserted on the outsole for high flexibility and durability so your boots don’t fall apart the minute you step onto the pitch or make a cut. In addition, the insole has an anti-slip insert which helps you keep your foot in place no matter how hard your cuts may be.

The looks of the shoe couldn’t be more unique, a far cry from the v1.10. Puma defines the color as “florescent green” but the name doesn’t even do it justice. Compared to the white and blue of old, this colorway screams fun so if you want to blend in on the pitch, maybe the boot is not for you. After all, Samuel Eto’o dons these bad boys. At any rate, it’s a really unique design with a lace cover (love it or hate it) that brings a nice package together. It’s a premier ligthweight boot for a premier player that rivals the Adizero and the Vapor. Definitely worth your time.

Below is a really cool video I found on the shoe.

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