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Salutations, readers. Today’s agenda sees a break from the boot reviews produced over the past few days as Tottenham slides into the limelight. I’ll be looking at the Tottenham Away Jersey in all of its purple sherbet glory. Purple is certainly a somewhat bold choice because it can be a disaster if pulled of poorly, but Puma did it correctly with the proper shade and proper design features. With that said, let’s do this.

The first glance at this jersey might yield a somewhat inauspicious result as it doesn’t have much going on outside of the sponsor and team crest, but that’s precisely why I find this jersey so appealing. First, the shirt’s toned down mauve color catches the eye simply because there’s no other soccer jersey with a similar color. Puma could have left it at that and said, “Welp, it’s a unique color, ship it out!” Good thing they didn’t. Two crucial elements seal the deal on this shirt. The collar and sleeve cuffs are accenting white, and they both give closure to the shirt as well as draw the eye around the entire jersey. Some jerseys get boring once your eye ventures out of a certain area, but that isn’t the case with this shirt. Anywhere you look, your eye will thank you. The second element, which is much more subtle, is the alternating mesh/solid piping throughout the torso; it isn’t apparent until you get relatively close, but once you do, your brain will immediately think, “say whaaaat?” (Maybe not, but it’s close to that). Add in the puma logo on the left sleeve and you’ve rounded out the shirt; it’s simple, it’s sleek, and it’s beautiful.

This shirt is made of 100% polyester, so it’ll hold up for quite some time with proper care. You also won’t need to worry about it shrinking in the wash, so that’s a bonus. In fact, the care instructions simply say, “Wash when dirty.” Touché, Puma. If you’ve worn a replica jersey, then you know they fit a little tighter as a default; this jersey is no different. If your other jerseys are a medium, feel safe getting a medium with this jersey as well. The subtle alternate piping also allows moisture to leave your body quicker, so yep, you’re going to stay cool and dry.  The season is hitting the home stretch, so there’s less opportunity to rock this jersey during Tottenham games; however, you’ll score some points for wearing an older jersey as seasons wear on. The other bonus is a reduced price, which is currently $63.74 over at soccerpro.com. This is one of those jerseys where both fans of the team and fans of the sport will enjoy this jersey. I highly recommend this jersey for any fan.


Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com


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