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We have just received some great looking new indoor soccer shoes from Puma. The new Puma Speed Star Fade combines great color and comfort to give you a perfect shoe. Even if you are not a soccer player, you could wear these as everyday casual because they look that good. This shoe mixes navy, orange, white and silver brilliantly to give one of the best looking shoes we have at SoccerPro.

As the name suggests, the color of these shoes fade from one color to the next as you get to the back of the shoe. The front is primarily dark navy with some silver stripes and slowly fades into orange in the back to give a great color scheme. The shoe laces are also orange to tie all the colors in. the upper is made up of an extremely durable Tec Suede material that is highly resistant to abrasion. This will keep them looking great and feeling great for a long time to come. The sock line provides great support and is very soft. Another thing that greatly helps the comfort is the IdCELL cushioning that will keep your feet from hurting after playing on those hard futsal surfaces and the arch tech that gives incredible support. They also feature the traditional lacing as well as a non-marking rubber sole to make them perfect for futsal.

These shoes feel incredible. At first glance they look as though they would run narrow, but they actually run pretty true to size which is odd for a Puma shoe. The Tec Suede is a little stiff at first, but after you wear them for a good amount of time, this stiffness begins to fade away. The cushioning and arch support is top notch. Normally flat bottom shoes can become a little uncomfortable because they lack support but these are able to provide it while maintaining a design that is perfect for futsal. The traction is also very good and includes a pivot point that allows you to turn and rotate easily. Finally, they are pretty light which is very nice if you do not want a bulky indoor shoe weighing you down in a game.

These Puma Speed Star Fade’s are one of the best looking shoes I have seen come to our store. The color scheme works perfectly and when you combine that with the lightness and comfort of these, it will be hard to find a better shoe. At $64.99 they are a little pricey, but the difference between these shoes and normal indoor shoes is the style. After you are done wearing these shoes for soccer, you can wear them as casual shoes and they will look great as well. This cannot be said for many other indoor shoes that are copies of the outdoor version with a rubber sole. If you want a great looking shoe that is light and comfortable for soccer or if you just need a great looking pair of casual shoes, these are your answer.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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