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So Puma are out with a new line of clothes for all you soccer ladies out there, and let me tell you, its like they have finally tuned into what all us girls have said for years. Today’s futbolistas are also today’s fashionistas, and all too often I feel like the companies that make women’s soccer apparel have expected us to sacrifice our style for our sport. We want clothes that we can wear to soccer practice, to run in, and to wear to the mall.

Puma have finally realized that us girls don’t want to look frumpy on the sidelines waiting for the next game to start, we’re ladies, and we want to look like it. I love this cute racerback tee, its the ultimate warm-weather top. It’s a racerback tank, which means instead of two traditional straps that stem from the middle of the back, the take top comes up between the shoulder blades and the straps emerge from there at the top of the shoulder. But the best feature has to be how cute it looks on me.

I’m a pretty athletic girl, but not super skinny, and this tank’s bright colors hug my figure without making me look heavy. Also, the vertical Puma logo on the side is very slimming and really contrast with the hot coral background. The Lifestyle tank top is made from polyester and cotton, so it won’t be too loose on your body. And I think the color goes great with a pair of jeans or soccer shorts. Its available at soccerpro.com for $23.99, which makes it a steal for a quality cotton tank you can wear almost anywhere.

So there you have it ladies, my first review for soccerprose.com, and a great tank for all you futbolistas.

Written by: Christie Jones, football fashionista, soccerprose.com

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  1. I’m so glad to see a woman’s voice show up in my soccer feed! Thanks for the awesome reviews.