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Futsal is a fast paced game that emphasizes great ball control and is played around the world. Since the game is based on speed and touch, you need an extremely light shoe that gives you great feel on the ball. The perfect shoe for all these things is the Nike5 Elastico Pro that we just received. The color scheme looks great and the feel is even better.

This new shoe has one of the best color schemes Nike has come out with in a while. This shoe has a somewhat split personality. On the outer side of the shoe, the primary color is white with a “max orange” swoosh. Then you see the inside part of the shoe and it is primarily “max orange.” Even though this is an interesting style, the mix of the two colors in this way results in a very good looking product. The upper is made out of natural leather which is very soft, albeit not softer than kangaroo leather, and it is very durable. The inside of the shoe features some nice aspects to give you maximum control. The inner side of the toe has a rough textured section and the inside of the foot has textured bubbles. Both of these give great control on shots, crosses and passes. The Elastico has off-center lacing to help give a cleaner striking surface in order to get maximum power and accuracy on your shots. The bottom of the shoe is split apart just as the color scheme is. The heel and toe have a non-marking rubber sole to give great traction while the center of the bottom has mini studs to give great ball control under your feet.

This shoe is extremely comfortable to play in. The leather provides a soft material that is very comfortable on your foot. The midsole features die-cut EVA sock liner which gives good comfort around your heel and ankles. It also is soft so you will not suffer from very many blisters while breaking them in. The stability and comfort are magnificent. Even though it is a flatter bottom shoe for futsal purposes, your feet will not be killing you after playing a game with these on.

If you want a top quality shoe for futsal or turf surfaces, you came to the right place. Although this shoe does run a little narrow, the comfort is amazing. It is very soft and has great cushioning. The leather provides you with an exceptional touch, while still being extremely light so you can have an extra step on everyone else. At $69.99, it is right in between the higher end shoes and the mid-level shoes. However, with these you are paying a great price for what could be considered a very high end shoe because of the comfort and touch you get with these. They are also durable so they could last you a few seasons and still be as good as the day they came out of the box.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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