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Its not everyday Nike come out with a pair of shoes that you can take one look at and say, yep, that’s going to be massive. But the latest color of the Nike5 Elastico is just that, and there’s two reasons why.

First of all, these indoor boots look great. The white on bright blue with purple and hot pink make these on of the most striking shoes I’ve ever seen. Normally, I’m a more traditional guy when it comes to the colors of my shoes. I’m into the black and orange Tiempo Legends in a big way, and my venerable pair of Elastico Pro’s are orange and white. But I’ve got to admit, there’s something deeply seductive about the look of these shoes, and from the compliments I got on them, I think I was able to pull them off on the court last weekend. But enough about the looks, lets talk business.

The second reason why they Nike5 line of shoes is so popular relates to the design and performance of these shoes. The Elastico is the lower end model of Nike’s line of court soccer shoes, but even at the $54.99 level, you get a lot of shoe. These shoes have a very low profile, which is very important for court play as you simply can’t get underneath the ball with a bulky sole on your shoe. They are also reinforced the whole way around, and double stitched at the seams and the toe so they last. I’ve had my last pair for over a year now and while they are dirty and thoroughly broken-in, they’re still in working order. The upper also breaks in quickly, and the sock liner provides decent comfort, but I would recommend playing in them for more than 2 hours at a time or you may get a few blisters.

The one drawback to these shoes is also their greatest strength, the low profile. If you wear these as street shoes, you may want to get a piar of gel insoles as the performance ones they come with just aren’t designed for that and your feet will start to hurt as they wear down. So moral of the story, switch out your performance insoles, for some gel ones if you are wearing them around town, and switch back for the game.

Overall, they’re a great pair of indoor shoes, and at $54.99 you can’t go wrong. Make sure you check them out at soccerpro.com, our affiliate partner and friend who gives the best hugs.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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