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Earlier this month we brought you a review on the red United States replica jersey and the new style the United States has ushered in, getting away from the traditional white and blue jerseys. Now we have just gotten in the Authentic United States Third Jersey and the differences are incredible.

The overall look of this jersey is pretty similar to the replica United States red jersey; however the feel is completely different. This jersey is made out of 100% polyester just like the replica, but the quality is kicked up several notches. This jersey is extremely soft and light. You do not feel like you are wearing a jersey at all because it doesn’t feel like you even have a shirt on. The sides of the authentic jersey are completely different as well. It has ventilated side panels on each side of the jersey for increased breathability, which is noticeably different than the replica. The back of the jersey is made completely of mesh for the reasons mentioned above, primarily breathability and lightness. This jersey also has noticeable differences with the United States emblem as well as the Nike logo on the front of the jersey. On the replica jersey both the Nike logo and the United States emblem are stitched onto the jersey. That adds weight to the jersey, so in order for weight to be reduced, the authentic jersey has the United States emblem and Nike logo heat pressed on.

A comparison of the authentic jersey versus the replica is no contest because the quality of the authentic is so much higher. Since this is the jersey the professional players representing the United States wear, the fit is much slimmer, which trims the amount of material used. The breathability and lightness of the jersey are amazing. This is the jersey the players wear on the pitch, so you can rest easy knowing you have the lightest jersey on the market.

If you are a diehard United States fan that wants to be on the field with Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan, look no further than this jersey. It has an incredible feel and made of top quality materials; however, you would need to be a diehard fan to buy this jersey because even on sale it still runs $134.99, which is a pretty hefty amount of money for a jersey. Still, if you have the cash and love the national team, this is the jersey for you!

Posted By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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