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Nike has created an affordable, intimidating cleat in the Nike Total 90 Shoot III that is both high performing and sexy (yes, I said sexy, deal with it). The younger brother of the Total 90 Laser Elite, the Shoot III is a surprisingly comfortable shoe (I’m normally an Adidas man myself), as it runs wider than most Nike shoes. If you have wider feet, fret not. The cleat fits on like a glove. Synthetic leather helps makes the shoe both durable and lightweight, a priority for most player in this day and age. Though not as lightweight as its older brother, the Shoot III has a superior touch over most other boots available today, thanks in large part to the “strike” material on the instep of the cleat.

The rubbery insole may feel like a cheap add-on to the similar styling of the rival Adidas Predator material, however, this could not be further from the truth. When testing the boot, I found the boot’s accuracy, power, and swerve to be quite comparable to that of an Adidas Predator style boot, if not better. Plus, the shoe runs for under $100, something that Adidas cannot brag about with its shoe. Other parts of the shoe are designed for performance as well. Strategically placed studs optimize traction and increase stability so you can cut with pinpoint accuracy and speed. The molded EVA sock-liner also increased comfort and reduces any pressure the studs may place on your foot. A contoured arch helps comfort and the shoe includes solid heel support for further comfort. Not only does the shoe perform well and feels extremely comfortable, but also the Shoot III looks fierce.

Coming from an Adidas shoe lover, the fact I’m giving the Shoot III a ton of credit for its looks should say a lot. The red color will make your feet pop on the pitch instantly. The grey/black color mixed with the challenge red and the black laces help make the entire shoe stand out even more. My one issue with the boot is the big T90 near the heel. It looks slightly gaudy to me, but is hardly noticeable and in reality, a ridiculous complaint. Overall, this shoe is a terrific value for all you get.


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