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Sometimes when it comes to Nike soccer cleats, you can find a well-made and well-designed shoe for a great price. A perfect example of this would be the Total90 Shoot III. These cleats are a lightweight, comfortable shoe and are only $40.14 right now which is a steal.

These cleats are primarily dark metallic gray throughout the upper. The Nike swoosh is a lime green as well as the instep of the shoe. The instep is where you will be able to find the first flaw that comes with buying a lower price cleat. On the Nike Total90 Laser’s the instep is textured in order to grip the ball for bending purposes. However, on the Shoot’s there is very little texture to add grip to shots and crosses. The studs on the Total90 Shoot’s are also smaller than the Laser’s but not by a great margin.

The feel of the shoes on your feet is surprisingly good. Most people feel that you must pay a good amount of money to get a quality, comfortable shoe. While it is true that the more you pay the better quality you receive, you can still find some pretty good shoes at lower price ranges. This cleat is very light and has a good amount of cushion for support. They also have a wider toe box which is nice for people with wider feet. The only problem with the feel of these cleats is the tongue. The tongue of the shoe kind of digs into the front of your foot, but after breaking them in I would imagine that problem would cease to exist.

These cleats fit pretty true to size and as I said above they do have a wider toe box which is good for people with wider feet. They also have off-center lacing to help give a snugger fit as well as a cleaner striking surface for the soccer ball. Normally synthetic cleats are a little uncomfortable on first wearing them but with these they feel pretty good right out of the box which makes me feel that after breaking them in they would be extremely comfortable.

These cleats are very good at an exceptional price. There are not many cleats you will find on the market that will be as comfortable as these are. Of course being a lower end model of the Total90 series they are bound to have some shortcomings, but for $40.14 I can’t think of a better cleat that will be both comfortable and durable for a season.


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