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Lugging around my soccer equipment is always a pain. My soccer ball, shinguards, socks, shoes, tape, water bottle, and soccer apparel typically all have to go all mashed together in one unorganized central pouch in conventional soccer bags, such as the one I’ve had for years. I’ve always thought about getting a soccer backpack and now is as good of a time as any to get one with the great Nike Nutmeg backpack.

The first thing one will notice about the pack is that it has compartments for all your gear (a huge plus). No longer will you have to deal with the firestorm that is your organizational skills (yes, I assume they are lacking) since Nike has done all the work for you. First off, the backpack has a convenient mesh ball pocket with an overlaying clip strap to ensure the soccer ball isn’t rocking around while you’re heading up to the pitch to get your gear on. It’s also got a sweet wet/dry pocket so you can store your shinguards or shoes after play. Your compression sleeves or mini water bottle can be stored in the interior small pocket so you can hold them nice and snug. The meshy nylon and polyester materials used throughout the Nike backpack also add to the durability of the back. The product is very comfortable to wear and has adjustable straps so no matter how tall you are, the pack will find a good custom style fit for your body frame.

The styling of this backpack is relatively plain but the big plus is that you can get a color to suit your needs. The Nike Nutmeg is available in black, gray, two shades of blue, and a nice shade of red (my personal favorite). Besides functional features for organizing your soccer gear, the Nutmeg has some good looking mesh features to make it tolerable to wear in almost any situation. Although I think most backpacks can’t look incredibly stylish, the Nutmeg does a good job of creating compact classy package.

Probably the best part of the Nike backpack is the fact that you get sweet discounts if you order the product in bulk. If you or your teammates are looking for a practical storage solution for all that soccer gear, the Nike Nutmeg backpack is a practical choice at a good price.

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