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Let’s face it: we all don’t have $100 to spend on a pair of cleats. Perhaps it’s because we’re in a non-competitive league and don’t feel we need the absolute top quality boot. Maybe it’s because it’s simply not in the budget. Regardless, the need for an elite boot  isn’t there for everyone. The new Nike Mercurial Victory combines the sentiments of creating quality without breaking your bank.

The newest version of the Victory FG is about as flashy and sleek as they come. The out-step of the shoe is a dark blue with modern lining toward the edge of the heel. A white Nike swoosh lines the out-step as well, plus on the heel starts flashy orange patterns akin to the design of a lightning bolt. It’s all a bit flashy but in the modern day of boots, you’ll fit right in with all the glitz and style released in the past. The instep features more of the orange lightning patterns and looks great against a dark gray and photo blue instep backdrop. On the Victory, the removal of the lace cover up top makes the shoe feel much less gaudy than previous incarnations of the cleat. It may get rid of a bit of functionality, but in reality, players should just learn to tie their shoes properly the first time. The blue lacing fits right in the rest of the shoe and makes the Victory a nice modern-day package.

The Victory is known as the brother to the Nike Vapor and Nike Superfly, the two high end boots Nike currently offers with similar design styles. Surprisingly not many features are compromised from the Vapor to the Victory. The upper is made of soft supple synthetic leather which looks and feels great, conforming to the fit of your feet nicely. Just as on the Vapor, the Victory has contoured last mirrors which follow the shape of a typical foot while allowing a bit of customized fit, thanks to the sleek synthetic leather. The midsole features a contoured sock-liner which makes running around a joy to do with each passing match, as the sock-liner is surprisingly durable and immensely comforting. The outsole really shines, too. Mirroring the feel of a Vapor, the lightweight TPU bladed studs provide excellent traction and stability on firm ground surfaces. Vapor traction islands round out the stud package and allow for quick turns and awesome amounts of strength and flexibility to the out-sole. In all, it’s a nice tidy package that mirrors some of the same features you may desire in an elite shoe. The shoe is surprisingly lightweight, too.

The Victory is a beautiful looking shoe with great performance that is on par with some shoes that double its cost. A great value buy at under $60.

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