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Imagine if Cristiano Ronaldo played indoor soccer…how unfair would that be to indoor professional soccer players? He’s strong on the ball, has incredible ball control in tight spaces, and has impressive pace to blow by defenders with absolute ease. Lucky for indoor professionals, he doesn’t have time to participate in indoor play. Nike decided they’d still like to dream by giving him his own awesome colorway in new Victory II IC. It’s a really quality indoor soccer shoe that looks flashy and performs admirably, just like Ronaldo. Let’s dive into some features.


Soft and durable synthetic lines the upper of shoe and has held up well through testing thus far. The black colorway allows for the shoe to scuff up a bit in case you aren’t diligent about cleaning your shoes every time out on the pitch, a nice subtle plus. The shoe features a traditional lacing system, so love or hate it. I’m a pretty traditional guy myself so I certainly don’t mind. In addition, the shoe mirrors the shape of a traditional foot (whether you have that foot shape, I’m not sure) with a contoured mirror system, which is essentially jargon for “foot-emulating”. The midsole is a bit unique, despite having a pretty standard contoured sockliner. This sockliner sits on top of a phylon heel wedge for a low profile cushioning system. Phylon is made of EVA foam pellets that are compressed, heat expanded and then cooled in a mold. Compression-molded Phylon midsoles can be sculpted into a variety of designs that are identified by their fine wrinkles.  The outsole is a relatively standard Nike design implementation, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Non-marking molded gum rubber, a combination of natural and synthetic rubbers (you get the best of both worlds), provides excellent traction on indoor surfaces, exactly where you need it. The differentiator here is the Vapor traction pads which allow for increased speed and traction. For under $60, it’s a really high performing shoe.

In addition, you’ll be mirroring the legend’s style with the CR7 colorway, which features an all-black design and a volt colored lightning style pattern. It’s totally different than any other Vapor iteration and looks completely unique. The instep pattern may be all a bit random, but what do you need symmetry when all you do is breeze by the opposition with ease? That’s what I thought. The shoe also features small spots all over the majority black design in intricate detail. A shoe colorway choice hasn’t been in a very long time so I’m a big fan. Stand out from the crowd with high class performance and CR7 looks all your own.

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  1. Nike is always my favour shoes!I always buy nike chothes!

  2. I had mercurials in indoor in vapor 5 versian they were the best then had indoor in vapor 6 versian and they absolutely killed my foot for a month then turned comfy now I not sure if I should get merc indoors again