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A new installment in the “stay dry” series from Nike arrived at the shop’s dock yesterday in the form of the Manchester United Rain Jacket. I know, I know. The middle of July isn’t exactly the best month to wear any sort of polyester jacket, but hear me out. You may not be wearing this jacket in the first few weeks after purchasing it, but you’ll be looking for it come fall.

Let’s start off with the functional qualities of the jacket because, well, that’s 90% of the reason to buy a rain jacket. The 100% polyester construction of the jacket will keep you a lot drier than, oh I don’t know, a jacket made of cotton or fleece. Add in the fact that the soccer jacket has a separate inner layer, and what you get is very minimal water absorption. The sleeve cuffs also have proper Velcro fasteners so you can properly cinch them up to avoid water sliding down your arm and wreaking havoc on the inner layer. The top of the sleeve is Velcro while the bottom is elastic, so you can easily adjust it for comfort. Then you’ve got bungees with clasps in the waist and hood, so you can tighten the jacket up completely to make absolutely sure you’ll stay dry. Lastly, the hood also comes completely over the top of your head with a fabric bill, while the zipper ends just about the chin. Basically, the jacket will keep you dry, at least within reason. Don’t expect to wear this bad boy in a monsoon, but it’ll perform just fine in a rain storm.

Though the jacket may be more about function than looks, it still has style going for it. The classic Manchester United Crest is embroidered on the left chest while the Nike Swoosh is stitched in white on the right chest. You also have “Storm-Fit” stitched on the right hip. Add in the all-black color of the jacket, and that’s it folks. It doesn’t get much simpler, but it’s still a solid looking jacket. It looks of quality construction & design, and it also fits extremely well. At a whopping 5’9”, I fit into a size small jacket. Wearing the jacket during particularly humid days may cause the inner layer to stick to your arm a bit, but that’s truly the only hang up; it’s a minor one at that. The length and width of the jacket are what you’d expect out of the size—the sleeves end at my wrist and the waist comes to the hip.

The $99.99 price tag may seem a bit steep, and it may be for someone who won’t use it for very much; still, if you find yourself encountering a lot of rainy days, whether soccer related or not, I recommend getting this jacket. As I said, it won’t protect you from a monsoon, but it will perform its job otherwise.

Written by: Kris Dyer, contributing editor, soccerprose.com


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