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There are some people out there who are English Premier League fans no matter what team is playing, and the Nike League Pitch Premier League soccer ball is the perfect fit for such fans. It’s also great also for the person who may just be interested in a red soccer ball. This is a quality ball with great features that you will not be upset investing in.


People like different colored balls for two reasons. First, the different bright colors are easy to pick out from a mess of soccer balls, and easy to find in a big field. After a long tiring practice, you won’t have to waste any time looking for your ball amongst every other player’s ball. Second, bright colors are great to play with because they are easy to spot both on the grass and in the air.  The red color is great for visibility and has a really cool look with the navy blue and silver accents.

Physical Attributes

The ball is a typical 32 panel design that allows for the air to move consistently around the ball to better ensure a more predictable flight pattern. The ball will fly like you want it to, whether that means hitting a long ball down the pitch or shooting it on goal. Added padding on the ball will give your head a break, so you don’t have to worry about headers at all.


It’s soft, and the outside plastic won’t need to wear down before you’re able to control the ball without falling over your feet. I always hate it when a fresh ball sticks to your foot the first time you take a touch and go. It makes me look uncoordinated!


For a low price of $20.00, this is a great ball for practice or for a game of pick up with friends. The color is great for visibility when you’re looking for it after practice or looking to control it out of the air. The 32 panel design will ensure a consistent flight pattern and the extra padding makes it easier to head when looking to dive in for the game winning goal. You’ll love supporting the EPL with this ball and have a great time playing, all at once.

Written by: Kendra, soccer chick, soccerprose.com


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