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Playing on turf can be a true pain. Firm ground shoes are unpredictable, unreliable, and generally not fit for a turf surface. Indoor shoes don’t allow you the grip or traction to stand on your own two feet longer than about 30 seconds at a time so those are out. Even soft ground shoes can’t cut it on that pesky turf field, thanks to those 6 inch conical studs that will make you feel like you are walking on stilts. So, you now have a conundrum. What turf shoes do you get? The CTR 360 Libretto Turf Shoe is a great place to start looking and a terrific soccer turf shoe.

The Libretto is based off its parent shoe, the CTR 360 Maestri FG, a shoe worn by players all over the world, like the World-class Cesc Fabregas. The Libretto turf shoe uses a full grain leather for a great touch on the ball and maximum durability. The instep of the shoe features Nike’s patented touch pad, which is somewhat similar to the Predator element seen on the Adidas Predator X with a difference or two. The touch pad is noticeably smaller than the Predator element, however is more focused to where your foot strikes the ball in passing movements and distribution. Really, if you are a pass master like Cesc, the touch pad just makes simple sense. The midsole of the shoe is incredibly comfortable. The shoe features a die-cut EVA sockliner, which cushions your foot to the point of near perfection. I feel like I should wear these shoes to bed when I slip them on. Despite all these awesome features, the outsole of the Libretto is where the product really begins to shine. Multi-directional studs line the bottom of the shoe with pivots and forefoot flex elements so turns can be executed on a dime. With the stud pattern design, you feel as if you could never fall over and you can conquer the world. All right, maybe that’s a bit drastic, but these are great performing shoes.

The shoes also look excellent. The red upper complements the white back end of the shoe beautifully. Black accent lines are put on the shoe, too, to make a distinct and flashy look. The black touch pad on the instep looks slightly strange, but surprisingly fits in well with all the other elements of the shoe. If you have a red, white, or black team, this shoe will really fit in well with your respective kit. Even if that’s not the case, these are sexy turf shoes.

It’s hard to find a really great turf shoe. That search has ended with the Nike CTR 360 ¬†Libretto Turf shoe

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