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Sometimes here at soccerprose we forget about the cleats that will not cost you a fortune but are still a good, reliable cleat. A good example of a quality cleat that won’t break the bank is the CTR 360 Libretto. The style is great and the cleat is durable and at $35.19 you won’t be able to find a cleat that is a better quality for the price.

These cleats mix black, white, and red that help produce a wonderful looking end product. This cleat is made out of a full grain leather, which even though it is not as soft as the kangaroo leather featured on the top of the line CTR’s, it is still very comfortable and gives a good touch on the ball. Since the CTR series is all about 360 degrees of control, the stud formation on the cleat is not like other cleats. This stud formation is bladed and is traditional in most aspects with the exception of the front of the cleat. The front stud formation is formed in a circle, which allows you to turn in all directions without losing traction. However, one difference is the difference in stud length between these and the CTR 360 Maestri. The studs on these cleats are noticeably shorter than those of the Maestri which could hurt traction a little bit.

Since the leather of these cleats is not as soft as the kangaroo leather, the cleat does feel stiffer on your foot. However, once they are broken in, this could change and they could soften. The problem area I feel with the harder leather is on the ankles. The cut of the ankle is higher than on most cleats and since the leather is not incredibly soft, it rubs your ankle a little bit when you play. Like I said before though, I have not broken these in, so once you have a chance to break the cleats in these problems could cease to exist. I’m going purely on out of box feel on my foot. Other than that problem, these cleats are pretty comfortable and run pretty true to size. They are a little narrower than some cleats in the toe box but overall the feel length and width wise is very good.

The CTR 360 Libretto is a very good shoe for the money. At $35.19 you can’t reasonably expect to have a shoe that is perfect in all aspects, but overall these cleats are pretty comfortable as well as durable. As I said earlier, if you are looking for a good cleat that will last but do not feel like spending oodles of money, these Libretto’s would be a good fit for you.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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