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If there’s one thing to realize about Crisitano Ronaldo, it’s that he’s an incredible world class footballer. With this talent typically comes a style all your own so Nike has created a brand for Ronaldo: Safari. The bold and adventurous style is on its second iteration for cleats and has now spanned to new products, such as the ball that rolled across my desk: the Nike CR7 Safari Ball.

Let’s just jump in to the Ronaldo ball. It looks incredible. This soccer ball typifies the Portuguese International’s personality: brash, bold, and confident. Featuring an all over black design, the Safari ball is outfitted with flashy spots all over, just like the Safari Superfly he sports in matches for Real Madrid. The ball also features the sames unique color pattern seen on his new cleat, with volt coloring on sections of the ball so it looks like a thunderbolt flying through the air. Come on, watching a thunderbolt across the sky is cool, so you might as well have sweet moments like this all the time when playing the world’s greatest game, right?

At any rate, the ball is made of high quality materials, too. This traditional 32-panel designed ball is machine stitched to ensure quality while a PU casing ensures reliable, predictable flight as well as durability. Reinforced rubber helps retain its spherical shape through extensive periods of play. In addition the ball performed admirably in the air retention category, too, given the price point of under $30. Through testing, the ball consistently performed as if the ball constantly was just opened out of the box. It’s reassuring to have a soccer ball like that at your feet.

Overall the Safari Ball is bold, confident, and consistent, just like Ronaldo. Adding a bit of flash to your game like the legend himself can’t hurt, right?

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