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Most of the shoes that we get in the store are primarily used for playing soccer on either an indoor field or a fusbol court. Now we are moving on to giving you some great cross-training shoes to help stay in shape during the offseason. Nike Free’s have long been considered one of the most comfortable shoes and now Cristiano Ronaldo has his own customized version, the Nike Free TR2 Fuse, to help you look great while staying in shape.

The upper of the shoe is all black with a solar red swoosh to give a little bit of color. The sole of the shoe is white and also has solar red accents throughout. The main goal of the Nike Free’s is to give you a training shoe that feels like you are barefoot. To accomplish this Nike made the upper primarily mesh to take the weight down as well as allowing your feet to breathe. However, to have a sturdy shoe that will last through hard training, you cannot have only mesh. Therefore, there is a synthetic material throughout and hard rubber on the toe to give added durability. The synthetic material features a subtle striped design that is similar to the new CR7 Vapor that is released the same day as the Nike Free. Finally, to show that these are Cristiano Ronaldo shoes, a 7 is pressed on the tongue in solar red to put his stamp on these.

These Nike CR7 running shoes have the traditional feel of a Nike Free. They are extremely light, breathable and pretty comfortable. As with most frees, the tongue is connected to the shoe so it is more of a sock-like feel than what you get with most other shoes. This provides a very comfortable and snug feel. The sock liner is also extremely padded which will help your ankles to not be rubbed raw while running in these. Even though they are supposed to feel as though you are barefoot, it still provides very good cushioning and shock absorption in the heel. The only issue I found with these is a pinch in the forefoot. When you are stepping, the front of the shoe bunches a little bit and feels a tad awkward. However, I am not sure if it is the way my foot fit in them or if you just need to break them in a little bit.

If you are a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, you are sure to love these right off the bat. However, even if you are not, you will love these shoes for the pure fact that they are light and comfortable. That combination is perfect for a cross-training shoe and you will not be disappointed. These are originally priced at $94.99 but they are already reduced on SoccerPro and are available for $85.49. This price is still a little high, but you are unlikely to find a pair of Nike Free’s that are priced better or that look as good.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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  1. you clearly never had a pair in your hands cause the upper is nowhere near to black – its dark blue… disappointing review!!!

  2. Andre,

    I think the dividing line between dark blue and black is subjective, kinda like the difference between navy and black. To me, and to most of the staff here they looked black, with dark blue stripes on them that mirror the effect on the soccer cleats.

    Sorry to disappoint,

    Matthew Wall