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soccerpro.com adidas predator LZAdidas have just released the Champions League Edition of the Predator LZ and they look smart as can be with a black toe fading to a silver heel. The Lethal Zones on this pair of cleats are a bright lime color which really pops against the more traditionally colored upper and should look even sharper on the grass of some of the best pitches in the world. But let’s breakdown the shoes themselves and see exactly why they have become so popular this season.

When they were first released, the upper on these Predators created quite the stir as Adidas replaced the leather uppers that had become a hallmark of the line with a synthetic SL rubber. This new synthetic is truly a wonder of modern science, and fits and forms to your foot almost as well as a traditional calf leather soccer shoe, and is one of the most flexible ones ever developed. You won’t suffer from the rigid, blistering feel of a usual synthetic soccer shoe wearing these babies, and its one of the reasons so many players have opted to go with these boots for the season. Another is the Nubuck-touch heel lining which keeps the shoes comfortable while holding your feet in them and offering a little extra protection. You’ve also got your five lethal zones on these soccer cleats, and they offer a little bit of help in every aspect of your game, but for me the shooting element on the top will always be my favorite part of the Predator.

soccerpro.comThe cleats and sole plate is compatible with an adidas miCoach if you’re willing to shell out for one, but will still offer you the same sweet performance regardless. The TRAXION 2 FG stud configuration offers decent grip and acceleration on firm ground surfaces, and is well balanced so you’ll be able to change direction quickly. One caveat, I wouldn’t recommend these bad boys if you are going to playing on turf for the whole season, one or two games on turf are probably OK for these shoes, but anything more than that and you won’t get much life out of these cleats. The abrasion and heat of a turf surface just ins’t good for a shoe designed to play on a grass field, and will tear these boots up. Other than that, they are a sharp looking pair of cleats, and you can order them here at Soccerpro.com.


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