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The indoor soccer season is just around the corner and there is no better time to get great indoor shoes than right now. Nike have been releasing great looking new colors schemes for some classic indoor shoes that are sure to help you stand out on the field. Today we are going to discuss two of these great shoes: the Nike5 Gato LTR and the Nike5 Elastico Pro.

Lets start with the Nike5 Gato. This shoe is predominantly dark navy but still features plenty of bright colors to help you stand out. The shoelaces and the Nike swoosh on this shoe are bright salmon. In addition to the bright salmon, this shoe has neon that outlines the swoosh and on the bottom of the shoe. All of these colors go nicely together and creates a nice mix of dark and bright colors.

This shoe isn’t all style without substance. The upper of this shoe features leather with suede on the toe and medial overlays to make this shoe incredibly durable. It also has perforated panels to allow your feet to breathe to keep you comfortable while you play. These features on the upper make this comfortable and durable so these will last you a while.

These also feature great support and comfort. These Gato’s have new soccer-specific cushion technology to help provide both comfort and stability. You will also be able to cut on the field or court without slipping. The bottom of these has a non-marking gum rubber sole and a honeycomb pattern to allow for better traction.

The second shoe we are going to talk about today is the Nike5 Elastico Pro. This is another great indoor shoe that will make you stand out on the field.

This shoe definitely dons a much brighter color scheme than the Nike5 Gato. Instead of featuring a few bright colors around the swoosh and the sole, the Elastico Pro goes all in with the bright color’s. It is predominantly bright crimson and has a little orange near the heel. It also has a black on the swoosh and the sole.

These feature natural leather on the upper with mesh panels to allow for your foot to breathe. The upper also features a textured instep to provide greater control on the ball.

The Elastico has a die-cut EVA sockliner to provide cushioning in the heel and the forefoot. This shoe is also light, so you can be quick on your feet and leave your defenders trailing behind you.

The traction on the Elastico also differs from the Gato. It features a non-marking gum rubber sole on the heel and forefoot. However, the center of the bottom is textured to give great control when the ball is under your feet.

Both of these shoes look great, are comfortable, and durable. You cant go wrong with either. They both feature leather uppers and allow for breathability. One main difference between the two is width. The Elastico Pro is narrower than the Gato, so if you have a wide foot that is something to keep in mind. SoccerPro offers a great feature on their website called shoefitr that compares the fit of your current shoes with the fit of the shoes you are planning to buy. If you are debating what size to get, that is a great feature to use in order to decide. The other main difference, which is obvious, is the colors. Even though both feature bright colors, the Gato is much subtler than the Elastico.

Both of these shoes are available at SoccerPro.com, so head over there and check it out. There is no better time to grab a great pair of indoor shoes than now.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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