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Out with the old and in with the new. The new Manchester United Jersey for away fixtures as finally arrived and I will say it is a far cry from last year’s white away threads. Frankly, it’s a huge improvement and a drastic change, something that does not happen often enough in soccer jerseys. Let’s dive right in.

The one thing that does remain similar if not identical is the fit and feel of the shirt. Dri-Fit technology again is implemented by Nike to help keep you dry and cool during a grueling match on the pitch. It’s a nice size fit and feels very high quality on your skin, as do many 100% polyester shirts. The polyester design also helps keeps this jersey in tact for a long time coming. It’s shown absolutely no wear and tear thus far, much to my delight. The one thing that does change is the collar, as it now lays flush on the shirt in a crew neckline design. It’s a nice switch-up, as I wasn’t the biggest fan of the big popped collar look that Dimitar Berbatov occasionally rocked in last years campaign. Plus it was all a bit itchy.

Now for the important part: the look. Virtually everything has changed. A primarily dark blue colorway has been used on the jersey, which has been seen on other Man U kits in the past. Black horizontal lines streak across the shirt in a uniform pattern and give the jersey a unique look all its own. AON retains its sponsorship deal with the English giants and their logo looks nice in white lettering, making it pop against the black and blue undercarriage. A white Nike swoosh is stitched into the left side of the chest and to round out the package is a Manchester United crest, which hasn’t changed. In all, the new away kit is bold, brash, and awesome, just like Manchester United. If you’re a fan of the club at all and are looking for something less traditional, this is the way to go.

A worthy investment for any Red Devil fan.

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