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Reusch Keon Pro M1 Ortho-Tec Keeper Gloves Review

I’m not always the biggest fan of the high-end goalkeeper gloves, but the Reusch Keon Pro Duo is an excellent glove for the keeper that plays in all conditions, at the competitive level.

What I really liked about this glove was the cushioning. This is the type of glove that you want on your hands while playing at the most competitive level of soccer, because it protects your hands from hard shots. The palm dampens the ball and absorbs hard shots, while the backhand contains extra cushioning for punching. I also really liked the abrasion resistance at the bottom of the palm. It helps protect the palm, so that when I dive, the glove doesn’t get torn up so easily. The pull-down wrist wrap was easy to put on and easy to adjust. This is also a plus, as I like to readjust my goalkeeper gloves after almost every dive.

The one downside to this glove, in my opinion, was the Ortho-Tec spines. I’m a goalkeeper that likes flexibility in a glove. The Ortho-Tec spines definitely limit flexibility, but they are highly protective. You won’t be jamming when you’re wearing this pair of goalie gloves. The shot would have to break the spines in order to break your finger! The good news about wearing this glove during a game, however, is that the fingers are pre-splayed in the ready position, so flexibility is not as important as in some other gloves.

For me, I prefer the Keon Deluxe, which is a similar glove (in some aspects), but does not contain the Ortho-Tec spines. This is definitely a personal preference, however, as I am more prone toward flexible gloves.

Other than that, I’d definitely recommend the Keon Pro Duo. It has great grip in all kinds of weather, it’s durable, and it’s protective. At $150, it is an investment, but remember, these gloves are more durable than most. So instead of buying two $100 gloves within one year, you’re only buying one. It’s a great choice for the competitive goalkeeper, and definitely gets the job done.

Written by: Bonnie Kuhn, goalkeeper guru, soccerprose.com

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Adidas Response Pro Keeper Gloves – White with Blue

As a goalkeeper with 8 years of experience under my belt, the adidas Response Pro Keeper Gloves is a great pair of goalie gloves. Although they do not have the finger savers, the amount of cushion on the finger tips and palm will absorb the impact of any shot. The gloves also have cushion on the back of the hand, which lets you accurately punch a ball away from an opponent. The gloves have amazing grip and do not feel like they will fall apart quickly.

These gloves will probably last you for at least the fall and spring seasons (varying on how much you play in them). They’re extremely comfortable due to the memory foam as it confines to the shape of your hand and the sizing of these gloves are a little bit smaller. I normally wear a size 8 glove, however, for the adidas Response Pro Keeper gloves, I had to wear a size 7.

Pros: comfortable, lots of cushion, great grip, tight fit, durable.

Cons: no finger savers, sizing is slightly smaller. Overall, I would definitely recommend these gloves to a lot of goalkeepers who do not care for finger savers.

Written by: Josie, goalie girl, soccerprose.com

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Reusch XOSA Pro G1 Goalkeeper Gloves

The Reusch Xosa Pro G1 Goalkeeper gloves are a great combination of value and quality. They combine necessary features that a goalkeeper looks for in a pair of goalkeeper gloves with a mid-range price tag. It’s a great value.

First of all, I was most impressed with the grip in the Xosa Pro G1. It uses a latex palm, and it doesn’t need a lot. Because it’s made with a micro-porous structure, you can have 100% flexibility, without compromising grip. I was also really impressed with the comfort. As a goalkeeper, sometimes finding the most comfortable gloves is hard. First of all, the wrap around wrist strap makes offers a great, customizable fit. It’s easy to adjust if you need more support, and it makes getting the glove on a quick process. I also found the AirVentSystem to be one of my favorite features. Goalkeepers know that the worst part of a glove is how hot and uncomfortable they can get. Well, the Reusch Xosa Pro G1 has ventilation throughout all of the fingers and around the hand, so that your hands can breathe. Truthfully, it keeps the smell down, too!

The only complaint I have about the Xosa Pro G1 is the backhand. It uses a foam and mesh combination. I usually prefer the thick latex or memory foam on the back hand for punching, but this combination allows you to keep optimal flexibilty, while gloves with thicker foam are less flexible. It’s definitley a preference choice, and it’s just not my preferred style.

Otherwise, this glove is great. It’s uses bright colors, it’s comfortbale, it’s light, and the grip is awesome, which is really the most important feature in a glove! SoccerPro has the Reusch Xosa Pro G1 listed at $71.99, which proves that this glove is a great-value-buy.

Written by: Bonnie Kuhn, goalkeeper enthusiast, soccerprose.com

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